Through the process of play and the exploration of household objects and fabric I make sculptures which focus on sexuality, fertility, loss and desire. My sculptures often manifest into childish objects which have come about through thoughts of an explicit and adult nature. I choose my materials primarily based on the functional and non functional values, these tend to have connections to the body or home and I use them to create a language which is then translated visually through sculpture. The internal interests me, this ranges from internal bodily functions to internal within the domestic, things that are often hidden will be brought to the surface. 

Works to date have been driven by fears, circumstances and thoughts  surrounding self, the space within and around self, and the feelings of entrapment within these spaces.


The Manchester Metropolitan University

BA Hons, Fine Art, Sculpture, 2009 – 2012

Warrington Collegiate

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Fine/Studio Arts, General, 2008 – 2009

Grade: Distinction

Warrington Collegiate

First diploma in Art and Design, Art and Design, 2007 – 2008

Grade: Distinction*


Warrington Collegiate, The Gallery at Bank Quay House, 12.07.2012 – 24.09.2012. Exhibits: Rubber Head Girl on Bench, Rubber Head Girl Seductive.

Ask Why, Degree Show 2012, Manchester Metropolitan University, 15.06.2012 – 20.06.2012. Exhibits: Human Pollution & Polluted Being.

Colour Block The Link, The Link Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University, 27.02.12 – 02.03.2012. Exhibits: Wilt & Pink Puff.

Year 6 Sculpture Exhibition, The Set Up Space, Manchester Metropolitan University, 12.12.2011. Exhibits: Pink Fallopian Wall Hanging & Bad Egg.

The Art Trail, Platt Fields Park, Manchester, 28.10.2011. Exhibits: The Empty Nest, You Have Two Cows, Girl on Swing, Menonpause, I have a Voice (dress).

Chaosmos, Bank Quay Studios, 08.10.2011. Exhibits: Menonpause, Incomplete Cycle, Punchbag, Curious Cushion.

Creative, The Gallery at Bank Quay House, Warrington, 09.07.2011 – 19.09.2011. Exhibit: The Empty Nest.

Planet, MMU Second Year Fine Art Exhibition, Antwerp Mansion, Rusholme, Manchester, 31.03.2011 – 04.04.2011. Exhibit: Boobdoir (window installation, life size fabric figures attached to curtains and chair).

Desire and Repulsion Grotesqueries, The Art Corner, Fallowfield, Manchester, 21.02.2011 – 18.03.2011. Exhibit: Menonpause (life size hessian figures, 7ft x 4ft frame).

Warrington Collegiate Alumni, The Gallery at Bank Quay House, 08.07.2010 – 21.09.2010. Exhibit: Menonpause (life size hessian figures, 7ft x 4ft frame).

Opening Hours, First Year Fine Art Exhibition, Manchester Metropolitan University, 17.05.2010 – 20.05.2010. Exhibit: Menonpause (life size hessian figures, 7ft x 4ft frame).

Work in Progress, Collaborative Performance, Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, 21.11.2009. Exhibit: Poem Under Fabric.

One and Other, Anthony Gormley’s Fourth Plinth Project, 29.08.2009. 9am – 10am. Exhibit: Myself, 5ft 5 female form, Reconstructing My Thoughts.

Art & Design Foundation Exhibition, Warrington Collegiate, June 2009. Exhibit: Reconstructing Myself (life size plaster figure, installation).

Space and Geometry, Pyramid Arts Centre, Warrington, April 09. Exhibit: I Have A Voice (7ft x 4ft plaster painting on canvas) & 5ft x 5ft Assemblage (Plaster on scrim attached to wooden frame).

First Diploma Exhibition, Warrington Collegiate, June 2008, Exhibit: Doris and Russ (Installation).

Fashion Show, Warrington Collegiate, June 2008. Exhibits: The Love Cats (Punk garment and 50’s inspired garment with hats).

Warrington Collegiate Fashion Show, 2008, Debenhams Window, Golden Square Warrington, Exhibits: The Love Cats (Punk garment and 50’s inspired garment with hats).

Victoria Lewis